how to move refrigerator

How To Move Refrigerator


How to move a refrigerator is very important because transporting it the wrong way can lead to damage.

If you’re moving a used refrigerator, ensure a smooth journey by preparing in advance. Initiate this process approximately a day before the transportation with these steps:

  • Remove items from freezer and refrigerator compartments.
  • Turn off and completely defrost the refrigerator.
  • Clean inside and outside with a warm soapy solution.
  • Pack all shelves and drawers securely in paper.
  • Remove excess moisture and thoroughly dry the interior.

Proper Packaging is Key

Secure the refrigerator door to prevent accidental opening.
Ideally, use the original factory box for packing. If unavailable, cardboard, sturdy paper, or special bubble wrap are suitable alternatives. Never transport the refrigerator without proper packaging.

Key Tips for Safe Transportation

  • Transport the refrigerator vertically; if necessary, a slight tilt or laying on its side (with the hinges facing up) is acceptable.
  • When transporting lying down or semi-lying, ensure the compressor tube is on top.
  • Avoid grabbing the handle during loading or unloading to prevent detachment.
  • Pack internal components separately or securely fasten them inside.
  • If the refrigerator has a drip system, transport only after complete defrosting. For a “no frost” system, simply disconnect and clean the interior.
  • Ensure a tight fastening of the motor-compressor.
  • In the truck, secure the refrigerator tightly with straps.
  • Ask the driver to drive cautiously, avoiding road bumps and sudden braking.
  • Allow the refrigerator to settle for 2-3 hours before turning it on, ideally 24 hours.

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